Monday, October 28, 2013

Apple's Ongoing Talent for Making Things Worse

I just finished reading David Morgenstern's article on ZDNet about how, under Mavericks, Mac Mail does not play very well with Gmail. Thus far my experience has indicated that it is not just Gmail and it is not just Mac Mail. Mac Mail is having just as much trouble synchronizing with Yahoo! Mail and may be just plain sluggish even when it things it is synchronized. I did not have to endure the two-day wait that Margenstern reported. However, I have one particular thread involving CDs I am reviewing, the PDF documents of the accompanying booklets, the online distributor, and a representative of the label. Owing to the bad timing of the Mail display and an accidental mouse click, the who thread got moved to Trash. Restoring it to over half an hour of watching the spinning "Loading" icon. I have begun to entertain the possibility that Apple only highers coders who have absolutely no idea of how anything works.

This weekend, when I got my first update notice, I observed another synchronization problem. Since I have made it a point to avoid App Store as much as possible, since it continues to impress me as a working example of a hostile user interface, I have gotten into the habit of doing all my updates on Terminal using sudo. In this case, however, What sudo suoftwareupdate thought was required had nothing to do with what showed up in the App Store. I have no idea who to believe any more.

This is a bit like my having to check whether the weather information I get on the Dashboard is bogus by comparing it with The Weather Channel, but for software updates I no longer have a reliable point of comparison.

This could, of course, be an omen that Apple is about ready to bail on the laptop/desktop business; but I get the impression that even iPhone software is beginning to show the signs of inept programming practices.

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