Friday, October 4, 2013

What the Rockstar Metaphor Really Tells Us

Early this morning Srinivas Kulkarni filed a post to his Startup India blog that got picked up by ZDNet. The title of the post was "Are entrepreneurs the rockstars of biz world?" This post went on for some length, but it tended to downplay two of the most important aspects of the analogy:
  1. From a population-based point of view, there are very few rock stars in the world.
  2. Becoming a rock star involves skill in many areas beyond what you take to be your specialty.
These are the points that tend to receive the least attention from those trying to evangelize entrepreneurism. Presumably, Kulkarni is one of those evangelists, which makes this article a perfect example of why his purported insights should be handled with utmost skepticism!

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