Saturday, July 29, 2017

Emma Logan will Curate a Concert Series at C4NM

Composer Emma Logan is one of the current curators for programming at the Center for New Music (C4NM). Next month she will present the first installment in a series called Alone/Not Alone, whose concerts will explore the performer’s role in a sonic world created between acoustic and electronic instruments. The first recitalist in this series will be violinist Marian Yang:

Marian Yang, courtesy of the Center for New Music

Yang has prepared a program of four works by living women composers, all but one of which have been scored for violin and electronics. The one piece that does not involve electronics will be Shulamit Ran’s “Inscriptions,” which draws upon a wide diversity of playing techniques to establish the impressions of three distinct spaces in time. “Dandelion” was composed by Mary Kouyoumdjian for violinist Andie Tanning Springer; and it uses the interplay with electronics to serve as “commentary” on the standard repertoire. The title of Nina C. Young’s piece, “Sun Propeller,” refers to the appearance of rays of light that appear to come from the sun when light comes through the edges of clouds. The program will conclude with Kaija Saariaho’s “Frises,” which is based on four ostinato patterns frequently employed in Baroque music.

This concert will begin at 8 p.m. on Saturday evening, August 26. C4NM is located at 55 Taylor Street, half a block north of where Golden Gate Avenue meets Market Street. Admission will be $15 with a $10 rate for C4NM members. In addition to being sold at the door, tickets will be available in advance online from a Vendini event page.

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