Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Audiovisual Improvisations Coming to Artists’ Television Access

courtesy of the BayImproviser Calendar

I have been fascinated with the work of Bill Hsu since I first encountered it during what was probably the first season at the Center for New Music. Hsu has developed electronic gear through which he can jam with improvising musicians, creating his own improvised video displays in real-time. At the beginning of next month he will be bringing his skills and gear to Artists’ Television Access. He will be joined by James Fei, a previous colleague who plays saxophones, often embellished by live electronics. They will be joined by clarinetist Matt Ingalls.

However, the featured artist will be a visitor from Cologne. Tuba player Carl Ludwig Hübsch has been active there since 1990, working as both a composer and a performer. He is best known for his solo recitals and these days spends most of his time on both composition and improvisation.

Artists’ Television Access is located in the Mission at 992 Valencia Street. Admission will be $10. Tickets will be sold only at the door.

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