Sunday, September 10, 2017

NextNow Comes to Adobe Books This Month

This month’s NextNow offering will shift its location over to Adobe Books. Whether this will also be part of the monthly music series there curated by Ben Tinker or another organization checking out the suitability of the Adobe space remains to be seen. What is more important is that the program will consist of three sets of explorations of new directions in computer music.

The first set will be taken by Scott Hamilton, a percussionist currently based in Florida. Hamilton is both a composer and an improviser, as well as a software builder. His set will involve real-time interaction of his percussion work with a software system of his own construction. Hamilton will be followed by John Bischoff, a Professor on the faculty at Mills College. Bischoff will give a laptop-based performance that incorporates some of his own electronic circuits. The final set will be taken by the guitar-percussion duo of Mika Pontecorvo and Mark Pino. This will also involve real-time interaction of instruments and laptop-based software. In this case the software was developed by Pontecorvo as part of his research into generative process architectures.

Mika Pontecorvo with his guitar and technology gear (from his Facebook Photos Web page)

This concert will begin at 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 30. Adobe Books is located at 3130 24th Street in the Mission between South Van Ness Avenue and Folsom Street. No information has been provided about a charge for admission. If this is part of Tinker’s series, the gig will free. However, donations will go directly to the performing artists and are strongly encouraged. In addition, Adobe will provide free refreshment to those who make a book purchase of $6 or more.

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