Monday, October 7, 2019

The Bleeding Edge: 10/7/2019

This will be another “usual suspects” week. Furthermore, it is one in which the number of events already taken into account will equal the number of new events to report (even if all of those new events should be predictable for regular readers). The events already reported as are follows:
The remaining three events are as follows:

Monday, October 7, 8:30 p.m., Make Out Room: The beginning-of-the-month Monday Make-Out will be the usual three-set offering. The opening set will be modern jazz performed by the Nora Stanley Group. This will be follow by a free improvisation set performed by Los Conocen, a quartet led by Rova saxophonist Bruce Ackley with rhythm provided by Karl Evangelista on guitar and two highly inventive percussionists, Jordan Glenn and Nava Dunkelman. The final set will venture into experimental rock with the Inner Ear Brigade sextet. Guitarist Bill Wolter is the group’s composer. The other members are vocalist Alison Niedbalski, Ivor Holloway on saxophone, Andrew Vernon on keyboards, Stephen Wright on bass, and Chris Lauf on drums.

The Make Out Room is located at 3225 22nd Street in the Mission, near the southwest corner of Mission Street. The Make Out Room is a bar. That means that tickets are not sold, nor is there a cover charge. Nevertheless, a metaphorical hat is passed between sets; and all donations are accepted, not to mention welcome!

Thursday, October 10, 8 p.m., Luggage Store Gallery (LSG): The LSG Creative Music Series will also present a three-set evening. The opening set will be taken by Ens Ekt, which features the musical inventions of Paul Stapleton, currently based in Belfast but born in California. He will perform with David Bud on baritone saxophone and Mad Pulse Maybe on double bass. His set will be followed by Hauras, the experimental multimedia project of Howard Ryan, based in San Francisco. “Hauras” is a Finnish noun, which translates as “fragile.” The final set will be by the Shachar/Weeks Quartet, named after the joint leadership by Yeonathan Shachar on guitar and Tom Weeks on saxophone. The other two members are Tim Duff on bass and Patrick Talesfore Jr. on drums. LSG is located at 1007 Market Street, across from the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Taylor Street; and admission is on a sliding scale between $8 and $15.

Sunday, October 13, 7:30 p.m., Musicians Union Hall: This will be a “double header” week for Outsound Presents with the next Static Illusion Methodical Madness (SIMM) Series concert. The program will follow the usual two-set format. The opening set will be a duo performance by two electric bass players, Rodrigo Barriga and Sean Keenan. They will be followed by Sniff Test, a collaborative dialogue that improvises narrative shapes through the use of unusual timbres and instrumental techniques. The latter will be provided by Bill Noertker on multiple basses. The dialogue will be held with Bethany Schwarz working with electronic gear. The Musicians Union Hall, is located at 116 9th Street, near the corner of Mission Street. Admission is on a sliding scale between $10 and $20.

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