Monday, April 16, 2018

The Bleeding Edge: 4/16/2018

It turns out that last week’s afterthought about relying less on the BayImproviser Calendar is a chicken that may be coming home to roost. This week’s Calendar arrived in my Inbox right on schedule. However, upon reviewing it I realized that I had accounted for all but one of the events in the list. Here is the summary of the items that have already been reported:
The only event remaining will also be taking place at Bird & Beckett. This will be the latest performance by the animals & giraffes duo of Phillip Greenlief on reeds and reader Claudia La Rocco. This group, which is currently ensemble-in-residence at C4NM, takes an “interdisciplinary” approach to free improvisation involving both music and text. As was the case at their last C4NM performance, they will be joined by two special guests, vocalist Danishta Rivero and guitarist John Shiurba.

Bird & Beckett is located at 653 Chenery Street, a short walk from the Glen Park station for both Muni and BART. There will be no charge for this event; but a hat will be passed for donations, all of which will go to the performers. The collections of books and records are pretty impressive, so be prepared for the urge to buy something there!

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