Monday, March 26, 2018

The Bleeding Edge: 3/26/2018

This promises to be a relatively quiet week. As has already been reported, the Center for New Music (C4NM) will wrap up the month with concerts on both Thursday and Friday. That leaves only two other items for this week, one of which will require making a choice on Thursday. Specifics are as follows:

Thursday, March 29, 8 p.m., Luggage Store Gallery (LSG): Since C4NM and LSG are separated by only about half a block, it can be frustrating when both are active at the same time. However, the LSG Creative Music Series is devoted almost entirely to improvisations, meaning that this particular evening will mark a significant difference from the soprano recital taking place at C4NM at the same time. This week LSG will offer three sets, rather than the usual two. The opening set will be taken by The Shoes, which seems to be a trio that describes itself as “Avant-garde psychedelic jazz punk” without naming and names. The second set will be taken by a trio led by sfSound saxophonist (and sometime conductor) John Ingle. His rhythm backup will be provided by Kjell Nordeson on drums and Scott Walton on bass. The final set will be taken by a similar (but not quite so) trio called Key West, whose members are Brian Pedersen on saxophone, Jay Korber on drums, and Randylee Sutherland on cello. LSG is located at 1007 Market Street, across from the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Taylor Street; and admission is on a sliding scale between $8 and $15.

Sunday, April 1, 9 p.m., The Lab: The latest offering from The Lab appears to have more to do with April Fools’ Day than with Easter Sunday. That seems the best way to approach the title of the program, Psychodropping: raising a hire self: consultations in blended mediums. This will be, in part, a release party for a new DVD of Oracle+; but it will also be a launch concert for a tour that Oracle+ will be making with RRLEW and Frank’s Tina Tales. Based in Oakland, Oracle+ is the duo of sisters Stephanie and Miel Lister, whose influences include muscle cars and computers. Also from Oakland is Frank’s Tina Takes, a solo set by an “Armchair pathologist of the last century and beyond.” Between these two sets, Rachel Lewallen will present her latest solo project, RRLEW, which she calls “the Rube Goldberg Machine of performance art.”

The Lab is located in the Mission at 2948 16th Street. This is a short walk from the corner of Mission Street. This is particularly good for those using public transportation, since that corner provides bus stops for both north-south and east-west travel as well as a BART station.

Admission will be $15, and members of The Lab will be admitted for free. Advance registration is strongly advised. Separate Web pages have been created for members and the general public. Doors will open at 8:30 p.m., half an hour before the performance is scheduled to begin. Events at The Lab tend to attract a large turnout, so early arrival is almost always highly recommended.

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