Monday, December 26, 2016

The Bleeding Edge: 12/26/2016

It looks like I jumped the gun last week with the claim that last Thursday’s LSG (Luggage Store Gallery) Creative Music Series concert would be “the last event organized by Outsound Presents for 2016.” Actually, Outsound Presents has the honor of closing out 2016 this week with the only bleeding edge event of the week. As was the case last week, the LSG Creative Music Series will offer an evening of two sets of free improvisations.

The first set will be taken by Toaster, whose only member is Todd Elliott. Elliott will be playing both guitar and electronic gear. His improvisations draw upon a diversity of inspirations that include both John Cage and Pink Floyd. Much of his improvising emerges from his constant experimentation with both hardware and software.

Toaster will be followed by an improvising trio of Outsound Presents regulars. Sheila Bosco will be playing keyboard-based electronics complemented by Matt Davignon processing sampled voice tracks, often in combination with drum machine beats. They will be joined by percussionist Suki O’Kane, who often distinguishes herself by her exploratory approach to working with instruments in the percussion family.

This performance will begin at 8 p.m. on Thursday, December 29. The Luggage Store Gallery is at 1007 Market Street, directly across from the Golden Gate Theatre at the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Taylor Street. As always admission will be on a sliding scale between $6 and $15.

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