Thursday, December 28, 2017

LSG Creative Music Series: First Half of January, 2018

courtesy of Outsound Presents

Future plans for Outsound Presents’ LSG (Luggage Store Gallery) Creative Music Series are just beginning to emerge. Indeed, as of this writing, the calendar on the Outsound Presents home page has not yet caught up to the BayImproviser Calendar Web page; but even that site only accounts for the first half of next month (which means two concerts). As usual, these events will begin on (or close to) 8 p.m. on Thursday evenings. LSG is located at 1007 Market Street, across from the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Taylor Street; and admission is usually on a sliding scale between $8 and $15. Specifics for the concerts scheduled thus far are as follows:

January 4: The New Year will begin with a solo set of improvisations on a drum machine taken by Matt Davignon, who has become instrumental (pun intended) in programming and coordinating these weekly events. The second set will be taken by a quartet that calls itself Ruminations. The performers will be Outsound Presents’ Executive Director Rent Romus on both saxophones and percussion, Kip Kipperman on bass, Tom Djll on trumpet and electronic gear, and Mark Pino on drums.

January 11: The second concert of the year will consist of three solo sets, each involving electronics. The first set will be taken by Matt Carney, who uses electronics to provide drones for his guitar and vocal work. He calls this style “agoraphobic drone country;” and he has entitled his set “Silo Homes.” He will be followed by an all-electronics set taken by Gabby Yi Wen. Finally, Howard Ryan will play viola in a remote collaboration with Sam Sharp in Minneapolis. This is the result of a project that the two of them call “S N I C K E R S.” Ryan will receive guitar phrases played by Sharp and sent in real-time over the Internet. He will then subject those phrases to a variety of transforms through his electronic gear, looking for ways in which to extract thematic material that he will then play on his viola.

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