Sunday, September 2, 2018

Canessa to Launch Season with Four Solo Sets

from the Facebook Events page

Launching a new season of performances is not just for the mainstream organizations. The Composers in Performance Series recently announced its plans for its first offering of the 2018–2019 season. These events are usually covered by Bleeding Edge columns; but, by making arrangements for four sets, it would appear that Composers in Performance wants to make the beginning of their new season somewhat special. For those unfamiliar with the organization, they offer a concert series curated by the Meridian Gallery and held at the Canessa Gallery on a roughly monthly basis. The series title is self-descriptive, providing composers with an opportunity to present their latest efforts.

Concerts tend to be relatively casual affairs. Announcements usually involve just the names of the performers or groups, and the ordering of the announcement does not always reflect the order of the sets themselves. For the season opener, all four of the sets will be solo performances, each with its own unique approach to music-making:
  1. Jack Hertz is a sound artist who began by working with analog tape equipment over 30 years ago and has since “graduated” to computer-based digital synthesis.
  2. Parker Davis is a guitarist whose compositions draw upon both the macro-rhythms of repetitive structures (or, as many like to put it, “minimalism”) and the micro-rhythms of elaborate sonorities, some of which emerge from his interest in bioacoustics.
  3. Gabby Wen is a performance artist who works with a wide variety of sound sources, including instruments, found objects, homemade electronics, modular synthesizers, and software.
  4. scy1e (“sighwonee”) is a new performing name for Raub Roy (who also performs as horaflora), working with field recordings to develop the cross-rhythms of interrelated cycles of sound.

This concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, September 10. The Canessa Gallery is located at 708 Montgomery Street, right on the “border” between the Financial District and North Beach. Admission is usually between $5 and $15, payable at the door and/or collected between sets.

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