Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Monday Make-Out: August, 2019

Now that the Make Out Room appears to be offering two Monday Make-Out concerts every month, I suspect that the best way to avoid overlooking one (or both) of them is to account for the two events in a single preview article. For those not familiar with the venue, the Make Out Room is located at 3225 22nd Street in the Mission, near the southwest corner of Mission Street. The Make Out Room is a bar. That means that tickets are not sold, nor is there a cover charge. Nevertheless, a metaphorical hat is passed between sets; and all donations are accepted, not to mention welcome! Doors open at 8 p.m.

August 5: The opening set will be modern jazz improvisations by the trio called The Holly Martins. The group consists of vocalist Lorin Benedict, known for his particularly advanced approach to scat singing, performing with Kasey Knudsen on saxophone and Eric Vogler on guitar. They will be followed by the Jason Levis Septet, led by Levis on drums. He also provides the compositions. The front line consists of Rob Ewing on trombone, Max Miller-Loran on trumpet, Beth Schenck on alto saxophone, and Cory Wright on both tenor saxophone and clarinet. Rhythm also includes Safa Shokrai on bass and Mark Clifford on vibraphone. The evening will conclude with free improvisation by Feral Luggage. This is a sextet with Kersti Abrams playing both alto saxophone and mbira, Mika Pontecorvo on both guitar and electronics, Colleen Kelly T on cello, Elijah Pontecorvo on bass, and both Mark Pino and Lorenzo Arreguin on drums.

August, 26: Keyboardist Steve Blum will open with an ambient set. He will be followed by modern jazz improvisations by the Tim Buckley Trio. Buckley leads from the drums. He is joined by Justin Purtrill on guitar and Daveed Behroozi on piano. The evening will conclude with jazz piano by Omree Gal-oz. He will lead a trio, whose other members are Tyler Harlow on bass and Marcelo Perez on drums.

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