Monday, June 26, 2017

The Bleeding Edge: 6/26/2017

This month felt like it came in like a lion, but it seems to be going out like a lamb. This week sees the return of the ZOFO four-hand-on-one-keyboard duo of Eva-Maria Zimmermann and Keisuke Nakagoshi to the Old First Concerts series at the Old First Presbyterian Church, as was announced about a month ago. Specifics for the few other activities are as follows:

Thursday, June 29, 6 p.m., Prelinger Library: This will be the next installment in the Indexical Moment/um series of “performing-ethnomusicology” events arranged by percussionist Marshall Trammel, founder of Music Research Strategies. As was the case last month, Trammel will give a duo performance with an invited artist. This month’s collaborator will be the South African musician and painter Moguawane Mahloele. Mahloele is accomplished in both the making and playing of African (Alkebulan) drums, entoros (mouth harps), dipelas (also known as “kalimbas”), nakas, flutes, sekeres, and makhoyames (bowed instruments with gourd resonators).

The Prelinger Library is located in Room 215 at 301 8th Street. Unfortunately, the library is not visible from the street. Those wishing to enter can dial 016 on the intercom by the door. (Instructions for access are also on the intercom itself.) The library is wheelchair accessible, but space is limited. Those wishing to attend this event are requested to RSVP through electronic mail for confirmation. Donations will be accepted at the door.

Thursday, June 29, 6 p.m., Luggage Store Gallery: Outsound Presents will continue its usual format of two sets of free improvisation in the Luggage Store Creative Music Series. The first set will bring together Christine Richers and Laura Schwartz. Richers specializes in low strings (cello and bass) and also works with electronics. Schwartz’ primary instrument is horn. The second set will feature the Pet the Tiger Instrument Inventors Collective, whose Director is David Samas. The group will play the Harmonic Series Gamelan:

from YouTube

This is a collection of instruments tuned to the natural harmonic overtones of Schumann resonances, extremely low frequency reverberations detected in the ionosphere. Performers will be Bart Hopkin, Peter Whitehead, Daniel Schmidt, Stephen Parris, Derek Drudge, and Sally Davis. The Luggage Store Gallery is at 1007 Market Street, directly across from the Golden Gate Theatre at the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Taylor Street. As always admission will be on a sliding scale between $6 and $15.

Monday, July 3, 8:30 p.m., Make Out Room: One week from today will be the first Monday of the next month. That makes it is the night of the Monday Make-Out at the Make Out Room, three sets of adventurous jazz that are scheduled for presentation on that monthly occasion. The first set will be a trio improvisation by Larry Ochs on saxophone with rhythm provided by Hamir Atwal on drums and Karl Evangelista on guitar. They will be followed by the Sound Underground Trio of David Leon on saxophone, Alec Aldred on trumpet, and Jonah Udall on guitar. The final set will be taken by Lost Planet, which features the guitar work of Len Paterson and Steve Clarke. They will be joined by saxophonist Dave Slusser and drummer Thomas Scandura.

Doors open at 8 p.m., and the music starts half an hour later. The Make Out Room is located at 3225 22nd Street in the Mission, near the southwest corner of Mission Street. The Make Out Room is a bar. That means that tickets are not sold, nor is there a cover charge. Nevertheless, a metaphorical hat is passed between sets; and all donations are accepted, not to mention welcome!

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