Monday, January 1, 2018

The Bleeding Edge: 1/1/2018

A full house at the Make Out Room

The first week of the New Year will get off to a slow start. The high point will come on the weekend with the four concerts of the San Francisco Tape Music Festival taking place between Friday, January 5, and Sunday, January 7. The Festival will be preceded by the first LSG (Luggage Store Gallery) Creative Music Series concert of the year, taking place on the first Thursday of the New Year. That leaves only one new event, which will actually take place one week from tonight and is receiving the usual benefit of advance notice.

That will be the first Monday Make-Out of the New Year. These gigs normally take place on the first Monday of every month. However, allowances are being made for today being a holiday. Between those whose hangovers are lasting longer than usual and those who spend the day overdosing on football, the Make Out Room management seems to have decided that postponement would be the better part of valor.

The program will follow the usual three-set format. It will open with the Sacramento-based rock band Instagon, whose work consists almost entirely of improvisation. They will be followed by the free-improvisation quartet Ouroboros. This group features two reed players, Sheldon Brown and Joseph Noble, with rhythm provided by the unlikely combination of Andrew Joron on theremin and Clark Coolidge on drums. The final set will be taken by a folk-inspired trio that calls itself Roots and Space. The members are Ben Andrews (guitar and violin), Dave Mihaly (drums and guitar), and Vince Dewald (guitar and voice).

This concert will take place next Monday, January 8. Doors open at 8 p.m., and the music starts half an hour later. The Make Out Room is located at 3225 22nd Street in the Mission, near the southwest corner of Mission Street. The Make Out Room is a bar. That means that tickets are not sold, nor is there a cover charge. Nevertheless, a metaphorical hat is passed between sets; and all donations are accepted, not to mention welcome!

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