Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Plan for Performance of Klooj Project in Full

Yesterday I reported about tomorrow evening’s “preview” performance of one of the three movements from Action in the Stacks, a collaborative project between Klooj, the electronic duo of Thom Blum and Charles Kremenak, and Janet Silk’s Si-si Dance & Performance Art Project. I now have the necessary information concerning when this work will first be performed in its entirety. For those of the “new generation” who may not be acquainted with the concept of a physical library, the online Oxford Living Dictionaries Web site includes a specific definition for the plural use of the noun “stack” as follows:
Units of shelving in part of a library normally closed to the public, used to store books compactly.
(Those who have been following The Magicians on the Syfy channel will probably be a bit more comfortable with this concept.)

The “stacks” where the “action” will take place (Picasa image from Google Maps view of the Russian Hill Bookstore)

What does such a static concept have to do with action? The Magicians has come up with several inventive answers in the unfolding of its narrative. However, the collaborators from Klooj and Si-si have their own interpretation: “curious collisions of sound, action art, spoken word, and space… in places with books.”

That interpretation will be fulfilled through a performance at the Russian Hill Bookstore, which is located at 2161 Polk Street between Broadway and Vallejo Street. The performance will begin at 4 p.m. on Sunday, July 29, and last for about three hours. (Each of the three movements should be about an hour in duration.) There will be no admission charge, but any acts of donation are likely to be greatly appreciated.

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