Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Details for Tonight’s Classical Underground

Readers may have observed that this site has had little (if anything) to report about Classical Revolution. That is because, for the most part, their events tend to be what-you-get-is-what-you-get affairs. Just show up an see what happens.

However, tonight’s gig in the weekly Wednesday Night Classical Underground at Monroe SF enjoyed the benefit of two separate Events postings on Facebook, each coming from a different source. The pieces did not fit together very well. However, I think I have been able to pull together a coherent plan for the evening; and, with any luck, I may get the order of the sets right. (By way of full disclosure, I was unable to confirm any of this from the Classical Revolution Web site.)

Two violinists, Michele Walther and Gloria Justen, will take solo sets. In addition they both will perform as members of the Clarinet Quintet. This group is led by David Elaine Alt on A clarinet; and the other two players are violist Charith Premawardhana and cellist Gabriel Beistline. All of the members of this group contribute both compositions and arrangements. All selections were workshopped and recorded at the Flaming Hakama studio throughout the year. Arrangements include music by Johannes Brahms, classic jazz standards, and cues written for both film and television. The set will also include Afro-Cuban material. Finally, there will be a set taken by Les Francs Bassons, a bassoon trio currently on tour from Paris led by Victor Dutot.

Monroe is an upscale club located on the edge of North Beach. It offers plush curving sofas, dramatic artwork, and a patio:

The organizers of Classical Underground describe it as “an unconventional space without the pretense of a concert hall.” The outdoor patio is heated and permits smoking. Cocktails are $5 and there are $2 cold beer specials. All guests must be age 21 or older. The street address is 473 Broadway, between Kearny Street and Montgomery Street. The show will start tonight, September 13, at 8 p.m.

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