Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ben Tinker Plans Two Concerts for Adobe Books Next Month

Back in August I wrote about “the monthly music series curated by Ben Tinker at Adobe Books.” Apparently, Tinker has been sufficiently successful in lining up talent that he has been able to secure two slots on the Adobe calendar for next month. Both of these will be three-set evenings, suggesting that Adobe has “officially” established itself among the ranks for venues for adventurous programming.

Both performances will begin at 7 p.m. and are expected to run for about two hours, if not somewhat longer. Adobe Books is located at 3130 24th Street in the Mission between South Van Ness Avenue and Folsom Street. The gig is free. However, donations will go directly to the performing artists and are strongly encouraged. At past events Adobe has provided free refreshments to those who make a book purchase of $6 or more, and it is likely that the managers of the book store will maintain this effort to encourage reading their offerings. Specifics are as follows:

Thursday, October 5: Two of the sets will be solo acts. Vocalist Megan Mitchell, trained in both the jazz and classical repertoires, will perform under the alias Cruel Diagnosis. She uses electronics to build up layers of vocal lines, which are then set in a context of electronically warped field recordings. In addition Dominic Cramp will perform as a soloist under the name Lord Tang. Finally, there will be live electronic music provided by the Glashaus duo of Amma Ateria and Andrej Hrončo.

Friday, October 20: This program will also present two solo sets with both soloists working with real-time electronics and/or digital software. Kim Nucci plays woodwinds but also designs her own audio processing circuits. Pamela Z is a virtuoso vocalist who uses digital technology for sampling, synthesis, and control. The remaining set will be taken by T.D. Skatchit & Company. As was observed about two weeks ago, “company” consists of guest artists, who perform with the duo of Tom Nunn and David Michalak performing on Nunn’s invented instruments that he calls skatchboxes. For this gig, the guest will be trumpeter Tom Djll, who also works with real-time electronics; so this particular performance is being called “ELECTRIC SKATCH.”

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