Friday, September 8, 2017

LSG Creative Music Series: Remainder of September 2017

Once the eighteenth annual season of the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival has run its course this weekend, Outsound Presents will be ready to get back on track with its weekly LSG (Luggage Store Gallery) Creative Music Series. There will be three events between now and the end of this month, each involving two sets of adventurously free improvisation. The first of these was reported at the beginning of this month as the only concert to take place during the first half of the month. Plans for the remaining two have now been announced. As usual, these events will begin on (or close to) 8 p.m. on Thursday evenings. LSG is located at the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Taylor Street and admission is usually on a sliding scale between $6 and $15. Specifics for the concerts this month are as follows:

September 21: This will be an evening of the darker shades of ambient music. The first set will be taken by Megan Mitchell performing as Cruel Diagonals. Mitchell is a vocalist with experience in both jazz and classical genres. However, Cruel Diagonals provides her with an outlet for combining her vocal explorations with destructive sample processing. The results tend to be as unsettling as they are ethereal. In the second set Dean Berlinerblau will offer a progress report of sorts on his Modify experimental electronic project. By exploring the interplay between chaos and order, his music provides a singularly abrasive approach to ambient sonorities.

September 28: The first set will be a solo performance by Iranian musician Sahba Sizdahkhani. He began studying drums at the age of twelve; and several years later he took up the santur, a hammered dulcimer of Persian origins whose name literally means “100 strings.” His approach to free improvisation was inspired by listening to the John Coltrane Quartet, and it includes subjecting his instruments to non-standard performance techniques.

Sahba Sizdahkhani, courtesy of BayImproviser Calendar

He will be followed by a duo set that will bring Filipino-American guitarist and composer Karl Evangelista together with PC Muñoz, a drummer with approaches to performance that transcend any of the usual genre categories.

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