Monday, October 1, 2018

CMSSF to Present Beethoven Program 3 Times

from the Facebook announcement of these concerts

The latest program to be prepared for performance by the Chamber Music Society of San Francisco (CMSSF), the string quartet founded by violinists Natasha Makhijani and Jory Fankuchen, violist Clio Tilton, and cellist Samsun van Loon, is entitled Beethoven the Phoenix. The program will allow listeners to “compare and contrast” two strings quartets, each from a different period of the life of composer Ludwig van Beethoven. The earlier of these will be the penultimate quartet from his “middle” period, Opus 74 in E-flat major, know as the “Harp” for the pizzicato work in the first movement.

The later will be the “late” quartet with the most significant departure from the conventional four-movement structure. This is Opus 130 in B-flat major, consisting of six movements, the last of which was identified as “Große Fuge.” After this quartet was first performed, Beethoven’s publisher Ataria suggested that the fugue be replaced by a “shorter and lighter” (in the words of the author of the Wikipedia page for this quartet) movement. However, for their Beethoven the Phoenix program, CMSSF has decided to perform Opus 130 in its original version.

This program will be given three performances in San Francisco as follows:

Friday, October 12, 7 p.m., The Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin: This concert will launch the 2018–2019 Candlelight Concert Series organized by the church’s Director of Music Eric Choate. The church is located in Cow Hollow at 2325 Union Street. Thanks to the generosity of many donors, all of the concerts in this series are offered without charge. Nevertheless, there will be a request for free-will donations, all of which, regardless of size, are gladly received and are tax-deductible.

Saturday, October 13, 7:30 p.m., Holy Innocent’s Episcopal Church: This has, in the past, been the usual venue for CMSSF concerts. The church is located in the Mission at 455 Fair Oaks Street. Ticket prices at the door will be $25 with a $5 rate for those under the age of eighteen. Tickets may be purchased online in advance through an Eventbrite event page.

Sunday, October 14, 4 p.m.: The final performance will be at a house concert in the Richmond district. The venue is located near the corner of Funston Street and Fulton Avenue. General admission will be $35 with an $18 rate for those under the age of eighteen. Tickets may be purchased through an Eventbrite event page. Specific information about the venue will be provided once the ticket purchase has been finalized.

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